READ ME May 2017

Changed to WordPress Twentysixteen. MAY 2017

Configure: set header image, logo is with site identity

Background image All gray.

Note: when make TwentySixteen Child theme need to configure the BG image as well.


Contact form by BestWebSoft

Hide Entry Title

Redux Framework

Use RPS Image gallery for the images.

Image size medium LargeTheme default.

Masonry on

Responsive columns on

Columns 2

Image title tag “h6” and defione ion CSS

Slideshow – ON

Size large

Title area on  etc.

Child Theme

Header.php – uses search form that does the phone and email address at top right



and style.css. sets padding, logo size, position of search box. title, description  colour and font, table for certificated on Home page.

define h6.